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Record start to salmon season 2016! - 14.6.2016 News

The 2016 Atlantic salmon fishing season in Iceland is off with a bang. Three major rivers have already opened and all have recorded record statistics. This comes in the wake of a 2015 season that was the fourth best ever! This also marks the best returns of mws salmon for years.

Ice age browns in a delicate stream - 20.4.2016 News

Several fisheries in Iceland have the old ice age brown trout, although they grow the most in the lake Þingvallavatn. That is probably due to their unendin supply of food(small char). They do not grow to the tremendous size in the rivers although they are very, very impressive there as well.
IOn opnun

Great start to brown trout fishing in Þingvallavatn - 20.4.2016 News

Brown trout fishing started on the main beats of lake Þingvallavatn last Friday and it is not an overstatement to say that the fishing got off to a flying start. Despite stiff winds making casting difficult, anglers were hooking and landing and releasing huge browns all weekend long.
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The biggest sea trout so far - 20.4.2016 News

Probably the biggest sea trout of the spring season in Iceland so far was caught on the Tungulækur over the weekend. It did not go onto the scales, but was estimated at about 100 centimers which is just about as big as they get in Iceland.
2016 risableikja

The huge char of Varmá - 13.4.2016 News

The small river Varmá, just east of Reykjavík is one of the countries best sea trout rivers. This spring and the last, the river has also been producing some extra large Arctic char, fish ranging to over twenty pounds.

Great sea trout fishing so far - 13.4.2016 News

The spring weather has so far been very favorable which has resulted in some outstanding sea trout fishing. We have not heard from a single river that has not been doing well.

Great start to the sea trout season - 2.4.2016 News

The start of the sea trout season went really well despite starting off with a blast of bad weather. Day one was yesterday and the night before a heavy low pressure system swept over the country. Several rivers muddied up while others stayed clear despite the rain. As the weather subsided in the afternoon, the fishing improved and most of the rivers produced well.

2012 Davíð Örn með 80 cm af Breiðunni

Tungulækur switches outfitters - 29.3.2016 News

Iceland‘s number one sea trout river, Tungulækur, has switched outfitters which is noteworthy as the river has been exclusively managed by its owner for as long as anybody can remember. The new outfitters are Valur Blomsterberg and Margrét Ásta Guðjónsdóttir and their tenure is set to be ten years.
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Looking like numb fingers for day one - 27.3.2016 News

Our last report involving the opening of the new season on the upcoming April 1rst was a very optimistic one. Spring strode inn early and since the rivers were full of fish last autumn, the signs were that the start would be a good one. And it probably will, only the weather forecasts are not as beautiful as they were a few days ago.
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Season opening April 1rst looking good - 24.3.2016 News

We are getting very close to a new season. It all starts on the 1rst of April. The main venues are several sea trout rivers, mostly in the southeast, but also three up north. A few venues with stationary trout open up as well.